Monday, September 15, 2008

Lazy Eileen's Casserole

Rita told me I haven't posted anything on her dinner blog and I explained to her, I don't really DO recipes.

Seriously, I was asked to bring in our family's favorite recipe for school to post on the board and I sent in this:

1 box of shake and bake
a package of pork chops
a container of Bob Evans ready to serve mashed potatoes
head of broccoli

Open pork chops. Put in shake and bake bag. Pour in shake and bake topping.
Put in a casserole and BAKE for 35 minutes in a 425 degree oven.
Set table
Wash Broccoli.
Heat broccoli in microwave. heat potatos.

HOller at family that dinner is ready.

THAT is the kind of meals we have at our house. some kind of a meat, a fresh vegetable I nuke in the microwave..and either some pillsbury rolls, a loaf of bread, or those mashed potatos you get in the cheese section of the grocery store.

Sometimes I get a little wild and we will substitute....Egg Noodles for the potatos and my family thinks I'm the bomb.

BUT...BUT...I do have a casserole that my family loves. I think its okay - its certainly not UNCOMMON. YOu might know it as Tater Tot casserole. I call it Lazy Eileen's Casserole.

Here ya go:

1 Bag of Ore Ida Tater Tots (Yes, you MUST use this brand - they have a special seasoning and crunch up nicely
1 Pound of Ground Meat (I use could do beef)
1 Can of Cream of _______ Soup. You pick your type...broccoli, mushroom, chicken
A little evaporated milk (don't use the sweetened kind..did that once YUCK)

Cook your meat and drain it.
Put PAM or some kind of nonstick on your casserole dish.
Dump the meat in the dish.
Dump the cream of ____ soup in the dish, add some evaporated milk.
No, I don't know how much to add...make it soupyish.
Dump the tater tots and stir it up some more.
Dribble some more milk on the tater tots, but not all of it.
Add a lid
Put in 425 degree oven for 35 minutes. Check it to see if it is bubbling yet. Keep checking until it starts bubbling. Remove lid for 10 minutes to brown up the tater tots.

Serve with a smile.
Feed 4 with lunch leftovers for the next day.

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